Flat-Free Wheels

Flat-Free wheels are an alternative to pneumatic wheels.  Allowing the same characteristics as pneumatic wheels except, they never go flat.  Manufactured from closed cell micro-cellular polyurethane foam which offers the same advantages of a pneumatic wheel without the possibility of air loss.  Flat-free wheels provide shock load protection and a smooth cushioned ride, rolling easily over debris and small obstacles.  Perfect for hand trucks, dollies, carts and mobile equipment such as generators or lawn and garden equipment.  They are a must for work sites that are covered with nails, screws, glass and other tire hazards.  Eliminate inconvenient flat tires while saving time and money.


amerityre wheelsFlat-Free Wheels by Amerityre Corporation

Maximum Performance & Reliability
Outperforms Conventional Pneumatic Tires
Will Never Mark Sidewalks
Steel Wheel Construction
Smooth Ride


flat-free lawn mower tires

Carts & Hand Trucks

ever-roll wheels



Flat-Free Wheels by Amerityre Corporation

1000lb Load Capacity
Will Not Crack or Dry Rot
Perfect Balance
Steel Wheel Construction
Will Not Absorb Water


flat-free wheelbarrow tires